Homa Bay slideshow

4 Mar

I don’t understand why people are so reluctant to open Smilebox slideshows. Perhaps it is because they don’t arrive as personal emails. However, I have created a number of these slideshows because they provide a clear and authentic way of telling a story. No-one who has opened these creations has experienced any problems, but, particularly when I have invited people with whom I have previously had little contact, they invariably decline to view them. I know this because each Smilebox account keeps a record showing who has opened each slideshow.

I was hoping the slideshows might be a particularly good way of opening people eyes to the lives of others. It would be good way to explain the important of dialogue across the global divide to create a more understanding, less divisive world.

So I am writing this blog to see if there might be another way to present these slideshows. Can I embed it in my blog? If so, will people be less reluctant to view the messages the slideshows contain? Can this be a way forward that will work?


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